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IB/E Optics has been dedicated to produce top-quality lenses for customers around the world since 1992. We are a designer manufacturer and service provider of customized optics in industry and film. Our developments and products, such as our Premium Effect Filters are used worldwide in professional film production.

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Continuous Optical Development

Our highly skilled team of optical and mechanical engineers have accumulated unmatched expertise, know-how and technological finesse to bring the best possible optical products to the market. Our commitment to quality and precision has given us the opportunity and pleasure to work with many prestigious companies including cinema, medical, broadcast and industrial brands.
Our primary core competency is designing and developing optical and machine vision solutions and bringing them to the people who need them.

Finest german precision engineering

From the conception to the end product, we take over the complete project management of our products, so that you benefit from our many years of experience and quality craftsmanship throughout the entire production cycle of your product from ibe-shop.com, resulting in durable handmade high-end camera equipment

Our recently expanded production facilities include: CNC milling, laser surfacing, turning and engraving, and lens classification. As a well-known German precision engineering company, we are recognized for our expertise in prototype construction and precision engineering pre-series projects for small to medium-sized quantities.

IBE optics engineering – german manufacturing of the optical technology with laser calibration

Tradition | since 1992

Since 1992, we've been delivering quality products and services
to industry professionals.
In addition to a comprehensive range of high-quality effect filters,
macro lenses, rear sights, extenders, converters
and other optical tools,
we offer many universal mounting solutions for all
high-end cine equipment.

IBE Online-Shop: professional cine equipment, macro lenses and effect filter


handmade in bavaria, Germany

High-End camera lenses, viewfinder and effect filter

For over 30 years, we have been perfecting our manufacturing capabilities and metrology to build and execute our high quality industrial and cine lenses, so that our customers can achieve the best possible measurement accuracy or visually capture the most artistic and beautiful scenes. The innovative idea for a converter with an a-focal optical system that allows B4 mount lenses to cover the larger single sensor cameras, like RED One, ARRI Alexa or Sony, was born by IB/E Optics and later copied by others. Adapters and converters are still our strength today. We bring new sensor formats in cameras and existing optics together - to secure the future investment in the lens inventory of distributors.

It is our passion to capture images and movies in their technical perfection and beauty for the customer. This inspires our team to constantly turn innovative ideas into reality.

From our Scope, we are constantly evolving and providing the world with the tools to bring visuals to life like never before.

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