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High-end camera equipment for cinematography

We manufacture a comprehensive range of our own high-quality camera equipment, extenders, converters, expanders and other optical tools, as well as many universal mounting solutions for all high-end cine equipment.

✓ 100% handmade in Germany

✓ Handpicked materials

✓ Over 20 years of experience

Replacement glass Diopter +2.0Diopter +2.0 dpt (double slot) | DEMO productDiopter Set 4x5.65" NEW EDITION (0.5/0.8/2.0)Replacement glass Diopter +0.8Replacement glass Diopter +0.5

+0.5 / +0.8 / +2.0

IB/E Diopters

A diopter from reduces the minimum focus distance of your camera lens. A sharper image is created through providing the possibility to hold your camera closer to your subject.

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HDx35 MIII | DEMO product
HDx35 MIII | DEMO product
HDx35 MIII | DEMO product
HDx35 MIII | DEMO product

HDx35 MIII | DEMO product

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Technically tested and functional

1x HDx35 MIII

Macro Cine Lens 60mm T2.9Macro Cine Lens 100mm T2.9Macro Cine Lens 150mm T2.9Macro Cine Lens 180mm T2.9

Macro Cine Lenses

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The RAPTOR lens family by IB/E can be used on most cameras with the Universal Mount System. With more than 50mm image circle, the lenses cover every sensor up to Vista Vision and beyond. They are literally future proofed for new cameras - for sensors up to VV. To get the best performance from sensors, our lenses with image circles of at least 50mm are necessary to cover the complete area.

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Velociter x0.8 | DEMO product

Velociter x0.8 | DEMO product

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The Velociter x0.8 optical converter reduces the focal length of the RAPTOR Macro lenses by 0.8x. At the same time it increases the lens speed by almost one stop. The RAPTOR 100mm/T2.9 becomes a 80mm/T2.3 for example. In order not to waste light, the Velociter concentrates the light from the full-frame sensor on the S35 sensor.

✓ Technically tested and functional DEMO Product

✓ 100% handmade in Germany

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Sepp Morrison Photography

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SmartFinder Pro

Camera Viewfinder

Create new camera and lens combinations for different camera manufacturers, focus capabilities and aperture information of the lenses from more than 50 different lens manufacturers included.

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SmartFinder Standalone App

As an educational tool, the Smartfinder app visually demonstrates the interaction of all the cameras and lenses available today. Sunrise, sunset and GPS data make the Smartfinder app an essential tool for scouting locations and planning when to shoot where. As a must-have pre-production companion, the app also records extensive metadata for every setup.

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