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Effect Filter


    Transform an average movie scene into something spectacular – with our lens effect filters. Whether it is enhancing certain details, reflexes, flares or adding dramatic sun rays to your film-look! Our products are 100% handmade in Germany. We use handpicked materials, such as different fabrics, nets or natural materials like the seed of dandelions or horsehair. Take control over your vision and final results, even if you are not involved in post-production and provide the look you want in-camera. No more time consuming post-processing of your video material!

    Effect Filter from ibe-shop.com arrive in 4x5.65" (14,3 x 10,1 cm) shapes and in  6.6x6.6”, which are easy attachable through a matte box.

    ✓ 100% handmade in Germany

    ✓ Handpicked materials

    ✓ High-End-Glass

    Why should I use an effect filter?

    No more time-consuming post-processing end editing after your shot.

    Transform an average movie scene into something atmospheric and spectacular and unique.

    Our effect filters are delivered in 4x5.65" or 6.6x6.6" shapes and can easily be attached to any SLR or DSLR camera via "matte box".

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    IBE SHOP – premium effect filter for any camera type – ibe optics online-shop


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    Our tip

    Diverse Filter

    Extravagance is trendy. Try these fancy effect filters! Filters that don't fit into any of the other categories, such as the Rainbow effect filter, which integrates the refraction of light in spectral colors into the image.

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    Feel free to contact us. We will give you a professional answer as soon as possible!

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